New App SPIFFGIVE Lets You “Send the Gift of Giving”

In their book Happy Money: The Science of Smarter Spending, professors Michael I. Norton and Elizabeth Dunn claim that spending your money on charity or another person increases your level of happiness significantly more than buying something for yourself.

in/Pact, a leading interactive cause marketing company, has taken this concept and created a new mobile and web application called SPIFFGive, which allows users to put this idea into practice.

Currently in Beta form, SPIFFGive allows companies and individuals to send a gift to employees, friends or family that can be donated to a chosen cause or passed on as a gift to someone else. Some of the app’s top causes include International Medical Corps, Charity:Water, Doctors of the World, and Unicef.

According to the apps’s web site, the application is a great way to send a birthday or holiday gift, thank clients, or reward employees. It can also be used as an incentive for sales performances or integrated into workplace giving programs.

Nonprofits can use the app as a fundraising tool.

The app’s currency is the GoodCoin, which can be contributed to a cause or SPIFFGived to someone else. 200,000 GoodCoins are equal to $20, and the minimum amount you can send is 10,000 GoodCoins, or $1. If you run out, more GoodCoins can be purchased through the app.

To send a new SPIFF through the app, you simply enter the amount of the contribution, choose who to send it to, and hit send. A thank you screen confirms your gift.

The app is heavily advertised as a way to increase employee productivity and sales through rallying employees around a “higher purpose.”  On its product page for the Apple Store, SPIFFGive even offers an unconditional 100% guarantee if there is no increase in employee productivity

The app, which is sold by Voucherry, LLC, is available at the Apple Store and on Google Play. A web version is also available.