Published on Wednesday November 18th, 2009
By Carie Benton

An annual program of the Tech Museum of Innovation, the Tech Awards are designed to inspire global engagement in applying technology to humanity's most pressing problems. The awards recognize individuals, organizations, and companies from around the world that are utilizing innovative technology solutions to address urgent issues in the areas of education, equality, environment, health, and economic development.

Each year, candidates are nominated and then invited to submit applications. Individuals, for-profit companies, and not-for-profit organizations are eligible. Self-nominations are accepted.

International panels of judges will review the applications and select fifteen laureates. Awards will be presented in five categories — health, education, environment, economic development, and equality. Three laureates in each category will be honored and one laureate per category will receive $50,000. Laureates will be honored at an annual gala event and inducted into the Tech Awards Network. The goal of the program is to create opportunities for ...